Happy Birthday Auntie Wishes, Messages & Quotes (Aunty)

Among all the Aunts we have, there will always be some who are the best, funniest and closest to us; who always visit us, take care of us and care about us. The fact is that these women become extremely important in our lives, becoming a kind of second Mother; therefore, on her birthday, we should take the opportunity to greet them and tell them how important they are to us. Thinking and choosing a wish for aunt’s birthday is never easy. After our parents, aunts are almost always very dear to us, they occupy an important place in our hearts. The time we spend with the aunts is always full of joy and fun, rarely have the aunts scolded us, they have always been on our side.

The birthday is an opportunity not only to wish the aunt a happy birthday, but also to tell her how much we care about her, how much we love her, how important she is to us and why not thank her for what she has done for us. Certainly the first thing is to remember your aunt’s birthday, send her text messages, call her or, better go tell her in person, even a very simple happy birthday aunt. Buying them a gift would be best. Need ideas for sending a text message or writing a phrase for your aunt’s birthday? Below is the collection of happy birthday wishes messages for aunt. We suggest a sweet or fun message to dedicate to your aunt on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Greeting Phrases For Aunt

  1. Aunts like you are perfect for grandchildren like me. Thank you for always being present in my life. Happy birthday!
  2. Dear aunt, the whole family wishes you an incredible birthday and a life full of joy and happiness! We love you!
  3. Time runs, birthday after birthday … But you’re still as young as 20 years ago! Happy birthday!
  4. Today, on the day of your birthday, I will be unhappy if I can not make you have fun at least as much as you have entertained me. Let’s start celebrating! Happy birthday aunt!
  5. These moments do not vanish into thin air, we wish you a lot of health, strength, happiness, joy and above all lots of love, because these are the things that matter most! We wish you an extraordinary day, dear aunt!
  6. Dear aunt … your birthday is probably the only day I do not need the iPhone or Facebook to say goodbye because it’s a special day and I remember it by heart. Happy birthday!
  7. My beloved aunt, thank you for all the life lessons you taught me. My life would not be so great if it had not been you. I will cherish forever the wonderful memories we shared, I love you! I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  8. Today is truly a special day because it’s your birthday! Happy birthday, my dear aunt, I love you! happy birthday aunty
  9. You are truly a fantastic aunt and I wish you all the happiness that this world can bring you. I love you! Happy birthday!
  10. You look very beautiful today dear aunt! And I know why … Today is a very special day: your 60th birthday! I wish you a lot of joy and luck in your life! Happy Birthday to You!
  11. Aunts like you are few and precious. That’s why I consider myself lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!
  12. I think I’m the luckiest person in the world to have an aunt like you! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true, and I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  13. My dear aunt, today is a very special day, because today is your 50th birthday. I hope you always remain strong and healthy as you are now! Happy birthday!
  14. Aunts are like cushions: indispensable, comforting and soft. Happy birthday.
  15. Dear Aunt, you are surely one of the most extraordinary women I have ever known. I’ll give you my warmest wishes for a really special birthday!
  16. Happy birthday to my dear aunt and an irreplaceable friend! May all your dreams come true!
  17. Just as the documents and data needed by computers need a backup, mothers need a backup even in real life. That’s why God created fantastic aunts like you. Happy birthday!
  18. To my favorite aunt: your happiness and your energy are the only contagious things I’m happy to take. Happy birthday!
  19. Dear aunt, you will always have a special place in my heart and, for your birthday, I can only wish you the most beautiful things in life!happy birthday greeting card for aunt
  20. May this birthday bring you more luck, happiness and success! I wish you a wonderful year and a fantastic life for all the years to come! I wish you a happy birthday!
  21. Dearest Aunt, do not worry about having a year more today. What is important is that you are still here with us, celebrating another year of your fantastic life. Thank you for being so kind to me and I hope you stay that way in the future. Happy birthday!
  22. You are a fantastic sister for my mother, a surprising sister-in-law for my father, an exceptional wife for your husband and a unique aunt for me. Is there anyone in your life that you’re not wonderful for? Happy birthday!
  23. I feel so lucky to have such a joyful aunt, a source of inspiration and support like you! Have a nice day and happy birthday!
  24. For your birthday, dear aunt, I wish you more than you asked for. Happy birthday!
  25. For your big day close your eyes, look back and think of all the way you have done. The warmest birthday wishes are coming!
  26. Dear aunt, I acquired the ease of my mother and the knowledge of my father. However, I have acquired from you the ability to make the best of what I have. Have a nice day and happy birthday.
  27. Everyone gets tired of doing a full-time job, but aunts like you never get tired of their full-time job, which is to love and spoil their grandchildren. Happy birthday I love you.
  28. Auntie, thank you so much for all your love and support. We will always be grateful for all the great things you have done in our life. We wish you a fantastic birthday!
  29. You deserve the best of life … whether it’s an important promotion, a luxurious holiday, a nice apartment, a nice car or a fantastic nephew like me. Happy birthday!
  30. Dearest Aunt, the word “generational divide” certainly does not concern us. Because you have never behaved in such a way as to make me feel the difference in age between us. Thanks for being my best friend and my accomplice. I wish you a wonderful birthday day!
  31. My life is full of love because you are an important part of my life, aunt. Thank you for always being present, Happy Birthday!
  32. Dear Auntie, you are truly the most wonderful aunt in the world. Thanks for always being near … happy birthday!
  33. Aunts like you make life extraordinary. You’re not quite like all the other aunts. You are a “super aunt”! Happy birthday!
  34. I officially declare your birthday as “day of the aunt”, because your contribution in my life was really important. Happy birthday and aunt’s day!
  35. You should hold lessons to teach other women how to become fantastic aunts for their grandchildren. Happy birthday!
  36. The only reason I was never scared to make mistakes when I was younger is because I was sure you’d always be there to defend me in front of mom and dad. Happy birthday to the best aunt of all time!
  37. I will never ever forget an aunt like you … especially on this special day! I love you and wish you the best birthday!birthday wishes for auntie
  38. Dear aunt … the best thing is that our relationship does not depend on the degrees I get because you love me anyway. Happy birthday.
  39. Whenever I think of you, I will always remember your strong hugs and your bright smile. I also think about how you’ve always done your best to make us happy. Happy birthday, my beloved aunt! We love you!
  40. Dear aunt … when everything in life suffers a setback, your advice is the only push that helps me to move forward. Happy birthday!

These were the best greeting messages to devote to our aunt and make her birthday really special.